We operate in whole Europe delivering successfully small and big commercial areas.


We cooperate with specialists which we select with great care for each project.


We work with precision and passion. Our clients choose us because of this.

General Contract


Furlan Contract has been working in Turn key commercial areas realization for over 30 years. It operates as General Contractor, or rather the single reference for realizing commercial areas of any type, particularly retail stores, malls and brand corners.

Any project is managed by a dedicated Project Manager, who coordinates the man-work and keeps the submitter up to date.

We produce and deliver bespoke furniture solutions, working with architects and designers. We are involved from the concept design to obtain the best result.

To operate in security and to follow the rules request to be vert careful with paperwork. We take care of authorisation requests and security plans accordingly with client.

We realize electrical, hydraulic and conditioning plants, coordinating our partners specifically selected for every single project.

Floors, Windowing, Lights, Painting, Plasters. We coordinates all the specialists in every single work category.


We know very well how important is design, indeed we cooperate from the beginning with architects and designers. We wants the Concept to be realized respecting perfectly the aesthetic needs, so that we select accurately the suppliers and the partners that works with us.
  • Project and Concept analysis
  • Activities divided by Macro Areas
  • Procurement of suppliers for the Materials required
  • Selection of Specialists and Man-work
  • Preparation and presentation of the Crono Program to the client
  • Coordination of on-site activities
  • Delivery within the deadlines